Leveraging the power of technology in managing your personal health

There has been a tremendous growth in terms of technology in the healthcare sector. Patients are forced to play new roles in healthcare delivery and management due to increasing complexity and cost control. Maintaining a personal medical record is one way of doing it.

Life is uncertain and anything can happen at any time. Imagine, you or any of your family members is hospitalized and your doctor wants to know your previous medical history. You may have some information to help the doctors, but it is humanly not possible to remember every small detail about your personal health. But, if you have your entire personal medical information in one place, it can be very helpful and saves a lot of time in diagnosis and beginning of patient treatment. Digital health records are a great way to keep a track of your personal medical health records.

What are Digital health records?

It is a completely paperless and electronic way of maintaining your health wellness information at one place for easy access at any point of time. Today there are many health apps and online services available to make the job of organizing your medical history easier. These tools are not only for personal use, but can help you share information with doctors as well as your family members.

How do I get started?

Personal health record is a boon in health technology. The electronic application make information about your personal healthcare easily accessible to you via web enabled services like smartphones and tablets. By downloading the digital healthcare application on your mobile or a tablet, you can easily manage your health personal healthcare information in a more private and secure environment.

Information included in PHR

Anything and everything that would help your doctors make accurate diagnosis without wasting too much of time in gathering previous health information. A typical PHR would include:-

  • List of illness and surgeries in past
  • Any kind of food or drug allergies
  • Chronic health problems like Diabetes or Blood pressure
  • Immunization history
  • Your doctors information like name and phone number
  • Any kind of family medical history

As the health technology is improving, these applications are able to store huge amount of information like your daily exercising regime, dietary habits, your sugar and blood pressure readings on regular basis, other habits like smoking or drinking and health goals. Thanks to ‘ehr’ cloud storage, maintaining such vast data is convenient.

Benefits of maintaining a personal health record

It works as a lifesaver in times of emergency. It provides vital information like:-

  • Record and track your health
  • Become more organized
  • Set reminders for doctors appointments and health check-ups
  • Upload and analyse data personally

Final word

In today’s time, keeping your medical information handy is very important. Keeping track of every small information manually is challenging. However, digital healthcare makes it easier and convenient. So, be smart and use modern health applications to manage your health.

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