Is Vitamin C effective on Covid Patients?

According to studies published in Indian Journal of Basic and Applied Medical Research proves that Vitamin C is effective on Covid-19 patients.

Studies were carried for a duration of 4 months on 400 Covid-19 patients at a government hospital in Coimbatore. The objective of the study was to understand impact of high dose of Vitamin C in the form of liposomal vitamin C drink and vitamin C tablets with consent of the participating patients. It also focused on Covid-19 induced neurocognitive dysfunction and cytokine storm. A separate study was conducted on 162 patients with consent to understand impact of high dose of vitamin C in anxiety and depression. It also produced positive results.

Two Consecutive negative results were confirmed in 94% of patient on high dose oral liposomal vitamin C on 14 day, suggested that it is very much useful, cheap and powerful tool to treat Covid-19, with other available treatment models.

What Experts say

“This empirical data is most important to us and I’m glad that we got desired results confirming Mirakle’s benefits. We launched this product last year in the beginning of the pandemic with hope that it would lead to faster recovery of patients. As concluded in the four studies, vitamin C is known for its property to enhance one’s resistance and fights off many diseases.” Commented Dr. Mahalingam, CMD, ABT LTD.

Further, Dr. Manickam adds, “Mirakle has the highest density of vitamin C of any product available as nanoparticles are delivered in a liposomal method with element such as Lysine and Proline buffered with phospholipids. The anti-oxidants present in Mirakle help in fighting cardiovascular diseases, muscular degeneration & neutralize oxidative stress and metabolic disorder.”

The studies have been acknowledged and their collective results have received positive response from doctors in Riordan USA.

“The new liposomal vitamin C drink promises to be step forward for early stage of Covid-19. By diminishing the early stages of scurvy, train of inflammation, coagulation, pulmonary and blood infection will be prevented. This approach is one of our new hope for resolving this awful pandemic.” said in their acceptance, Dr Ronald Hunninghake, chief medical officer & Dr Thomas E. Levy, consultant at Riordan Clinic, Wichita, Kansas, USA

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Is Vitamin C effective on Covid Patients?

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