Mental Health Issue – A Silent Crisis


According to social trends, men are treated as stronger sex than women. More importance is given to physical fitness rather than mental health. Men are likely to ignore situations that could be threat to mental health. Men can fall as a victim of abuse in the case of divorce or unemployment. Men who are suicidal or have substance abuse are likely to suffer in silence.

In our society, men have conventional behaviour which needs to be addressed that they refuse to talk about things which bothers them or avoid issues that make them upset or depressed. The expression of feelings and emotions is treated as unmanly and as a sign of weakness. Some signs of depression in men are:

– They may become irritable and snap at colleagues or family members.

– Some take alcohol or other substances that is not habitual is an indicator of stress.

– Some men complain of back pain or headache which can be symptom of anxiety, stress or depression.

– Instances of road rage or reckless behaviour.

– Withdraw from friends and social activities.

– A decline in sexual desire and suffer from impotence.

Steps to overcome stress

– Issues like unemployment and family disruption needs to be addressed as a social issues as much as health issue.

– Formal mental health system needs to be more tailored options that respond to men’s unique needs.

– Parents should initiate male child to learn and express emotions in a healthy manner.

– A strong social network is an ideal safety net that helps individuals to be happy and content.

– Adoption to healthy lifestyle with addition of yoga along with physical  activity can be an anti-depressant.

– Mental health is as much as important  as medical doctor is approached for a physical ailment.

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