Slow Living – A Key for stress free life


Modern Society depicts a never ending to-do list, constant multitasking, being busy 24×7. Busyness is thought to be a sign of honour as it makes us useful and productive. This also has given us a stressful life.

The need of the hour is to slow down life a bit and feel your presence in the present moment. The choice of art of slow living can make wise lifestyle.

The path of Art of Slow Living leads towards peaceful and mindful life where you enjoy every moment of life instead of just counting them. Slow Living is just about your attention not to rush through it without paying attention to little joys that life brings day after day.

Life is not a race or a game where you win or loose. Most of the people are running continuously when life is waiting for us to slow down and rejoice every moment of life. We will walk through the slow, simple and satisfying life through following points.

  1. In addition to numerous to-do task in daily life add an activity like calling a childhood friend and relive the beautiful moments.
  2. Take a 15 minute or half an hour dance session with your kids as relieve daily stress very quickly.
  3. For housewife, take a break from your daily routine and plan a leisure walk in near by park and enjoy nature around you.
  4. Take some time creative work like gardening, sketching, drawing and painting as these activities provide pleasure to your soul.
  5. Plan a trip to your favourite place, it could be a park, religious place or friend’s house and enjoy the beauty around you.
  6. Reading habit favours slow living and reduces frequency of your thoughts. Avoid excess use of technology like digital devices.
  7. Eating with family and loved ones is another aspect which favours slow living and enjoy mindful eating of meal.
  8. Try to focus on the task at hand to be more precise and productive.

Slow living is an art where you start investing in yourself, it ensures living a joyful life by being open to the present moment of life.

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