50+ Women are more prone to Chronic Kidney Disease


Type-2 Diabetes was the main factor for more women experiencing kidney failure.  Usually brought out by Obesity, diabetes is the number one risk factor for kidney disease. High blood pressure is the second most common risk for kidney disease. Chronic Kidney Disease in women needs to have discussion on menstrual periods, sexuality, pregnancy and menopause.

Women having Chronic Kidney Disease would have irregular periods. On dialysis, periods can completely  top and women can be less likely to conceive. Erythroepoietin treatment causes 50% of women on dialysis to get their periods back. This is attributed to improved harmone levels and improved fertility for women.

People with CKD do not have same interest in sex. Patients having chronic illness would take time to adjust to lifestyle changes that come with disease. There can be stress related to job, income and family life that a woman needs to adjust. Some women may become anxious about changes in their appearance like weight loss or weight gain during dialysis.

It is uncommon for a woman on dialysis to get pregnant. About 50% babies born to women on dialysis survived. Many of the babies were born premature attributed to high blood pressure. During menopause, women are advised to take calcium to prevent osteoporosis as dialysis do not fully take function of kidney. Lower harmone put women on high risk for heart disease.

Creating awareness is the best way to help women feel comfortable about bringing up issues related to Chronic Kidney Disease to the health care team. Diabetes and high blood pressure are the main factors for kidney disease. Genetic diseases, autoimmune diseases, birth defects and acute kidney failure can also cause kidney disease.

To take control in kidney disease avoid smoking, regular exercise, eat right diet by avoiding food rich in protein, saturated fats, phosphorus, sodium and potassium. Take medicine as prescribed by your doctor. Over the counter medicine and herbal supplements could be very harmful during kidney disease.

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