Using of Digital Health Records has Less Environment Strain

Automation and digitization of health records is definitely an important step in healthcare technology. With the greater use of electronic health records, it is narrowing down the need of maintaining paper records for hospitals as well as for patients. An electronic health record is a green initiative towards environment.

Undoubtedly, increased use of computers or other devices consume energy. However, studies show that even after accounting the increased use of these devices, using digital health records would have positive effect on the environment. This means, there will be less requirement of paper for maintaining patient files, medical history, medical charts, x-rays etc. Every form of a document related is replaced by electronic media.

Lessening the Burden

Modern health technology not just only focuses on patient’s quality of service, it ensures safety of information and overall efficiency. Apart from this, the impact of this green initiative has seen tremendous positive effect on our environment. Hospitals work in a 24/7 environment so that they are available to provide best medical care whenever required. Health care industry has a huge contribution in emitting greenhouse gases, energy consumption and biochemical waste. The introduction of EHR and patient portals are bound to have some kind of savings.

  1. EHR cloud storage helps medical facilities allow anytime access and can be digitally shared amongst hospitals, patients, personal practitioners, insurance of companies etc. This can reduce the requirement of paper tremendously as patient records or other medical documents are often required by medical facilities. Patients earlier would have to send separate copies several times over that resulted in duplication or sometimes even triplication of these medical records and massive usage of paper. But now with this advanced health technology, personal health information can be shared amongst facilities electronically, without using even a small piece of paper.


  1. Usage of paper or other hazardous biochemical resulted in emission of greenhouse gases that was affecting our environment tremendously. However, ever since the introduction of cloud storage, personal health information or EHR, have encouraged mass reduction of carbon dioxide gases. That is a huge impact on our environment.


  1. Apart from environmental effects, with the help of modern healthcare system, patient management has helped virtual tracking and patient care and has also minimized the time travel for personal visits.

Health records and patient managements are benefiting significantly with the health technology. It is a new way for medical community to support environment through this green initiative and provide sound health care system. Similarly, it has also improved the overall efficiency. Cloud storage makes the records easy accessible anytime and anywhere. Hence, it greatly reduced the time that was earlier wasted during the delivery of paperwork. EHR is more than a substitute for paper records.


It simplified storage and retrieval of patient personal medical information as well as increased efficiency by streamlining your office. So, if you are a medical facility or a patient itself, use health technology to avoid futile waste of time and energy.

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Using of Digital Health Records has Less Environment Strain

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