Simple lifestyle tweaks to minimize blood sugar swings and control your sugar levels.

Any exercise which increases your heart rate and breathing is a Cardio Exercise. It can climbing stairs, running, walking or working in your garden. These activities increases breathing and heart rate thus increases strength and energy levels of human body.

According to studies adults with type 2 diabetes can achieve reduced blood sugar levels levels within a week of strenuous aerobic exercise. Diabetes control vitals which includes burning extra glucose and reducing resistance to insulin.


Reseachers say that regular exercise is one of the most effective ways to manage high sugar levels.

Common Cardio Exercises

Please consult your doctor before doing cardio exercises. Cardio exercises are listed below:


It’s easiest exercise which can be done without much extra effort. A 30 minute walk can reduce risk of severe diabetes. A 10 minute walk after meal can reduce blood glucose levels by  22 percent.


Try running at an easy pace and take break in case one feels tired. Start your run with 15 minutes and then increase it to 30 minutes. Make sure that right shoes are selected for running.


Cycling can be a leisure activity but it can prove to be a ride for health. You can begin with a 30 minute ride and then gradually increse to 45 minute ride.


It is an effective weapon against diabetes. Kapalbhati can help to control weight, lower blood sugar, blood pressure and can help to cope up with stress.


You can select a dance form of your choice and aim to do moderate exercise in the form of dance steps. This can be  scheduled to 3-5 times a week.


It’s an attractive exercise even for a healthy person. It can control weight, develop muscles, burn calories and overcome numbness and it makes full use of muscles in upper and lower part of the body.

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