Water a Critical Ingredient For Our Life.

Water is important component of our body. It accounts for nearly 2/3 weight of our body. Water is temperature regulatory as wells as a good solvent which maintains healthy circulation of blood and other body tissues. For healthy lifestyle, Daily water consumption can be calculation by very simple formula.

Water Consumption = (Weight of Body/10)-2 litres

Note: Water intake may vary according to age, life style and working conditions.

For Example, for a person having weight 60kg will need 4 litters of water daily.


Steps for water therapy.

  1. Drink 100 ml of warm water in morning after wake up.
  2. Avoid intake of water just 30 Minuets before and after meals.
  3. Drink water with small sips and mixing saliva to keep away diseases.
  4. During Summer, water intake can vary according to variation and changes in weather conditions.
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