To Get Healthy Lifestyle follow these.

A small effort is needed to make positive changes in life and healthy living. Small tips can inspire positive changes in the lifestyle of whole family.

Eat a rainbow food
Ensure that you and your family eats fruits and vegetables that makes up color for rainbow. Like tomato and carrot for red, lemon and pumpkin for yellow etc. Likewise you can other colors for rainbow by adding more fruits and vegetables. This ensure that you get all vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy diet.

Pick some seasonal fruits and vegetables
Let teens and children pick seasonal fruits and vegetables so that you can more choices of preparing healthy receipe for teen and children. Kids will love to have things they pick by their own.

Drink plenty of water
Human body is 70% water component. Water is essential for proper functioning of digestive system and a strong immune system. By drinking 10 to 12 glasses of water body is detoxified by removal of body toxin. Keep water bottle in every room so that small kids can drink water when they are thirsty.

Prepare juices and junk food at home
Try to extract juices of vegetables and fruits at home rather than drinking juice from shops or drinking flavoured juices available in closed packets. Teens and kids love junk to have food, but prevent them from making it as a habit. Alternatively, making junk food at home can minimize the risk of cancer which is caused by long fried potato in the same oil.

Daily Workout tips
A daily workout is the for healthy living. A daily workout with whole family containing a little walking or jogging can be great idea. An easy exercise like dance on your favourite tune can be a good option to beat the daily stress. This can be organised as per schedule of the family members.

Limit sugar intake
Try to make aware each family member that too much sugar can hamper proper functioning of the body. High sugar level in blood can lead to increased cholestrol, diabetes and obesity. Sugar can be minimized from tea, coffee and milk etc.

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