Sound Sleep – A key for Good Health

Sound sleep is key for good health. People who sleep less are likely to develop obesity, high blood pressure, and heart diseases.


It is not a health issue but it’s a signal for other health issues.

It may be pauses in breathing during sleep caused by frequent closed airways. Warning signs can be heaving for breath during sleep, wake up with headache, dry mouth or increased pressure.

Daytime naps

They can help people feel rested, if they had bad sleep at night. But getting long nap in day or nap close to bedtime can hinder night sleep. A nap in mid afternoon with 40 minute is suitable for health.

Sleeping Tips

Bed time and wake up time should be same time each day. Exercise daily.

Avoid Smartphone usage and switch off TV 30 minutes before bed time.

Sleeping room should be cool and dark. Ensure your bed is comfortable with right kind of mattress.

Ensure to sleep at 10 PM, as first sleep cycle needs to be completed before 12 AM. This gives more sound sleep and refreshment in the morning.

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