How Does Sleep Management affect in Our Life?

Sleep is state in which body is in rest state. A sound sleep enhances concentration and increases work efficiency. A sleep of 6-8 Hours is necessary for healthy living.

Sleep Management : The art of maintaining a sleep time-table keeps us healthy and mentally fit.

  1. Favorable time for sleep is 10 pm as one sleep cycle can be completed before midnight.
  2. A time gap of 2 hrs. must be maintained between dinner and going to bed.
  3. Reading a book can enhance thought control process, before sleep.
  4. Bedroom should be dark and well ventilated.


  1. Avoid watching TV just before sleeping time as it can lead to thought sleeping time as it can lead to thought wandering.
  2. Avoid eating heavy food during dinner.
  3. Continuous sleepless nights can lead to depression, stress and headache.
  4. Avoid Consumption of Alcohol and nicotine products just before sleep.
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