Best Ways to Burn Fat Fast.

Do your have high BMI? Is obesity becoming an health issue for you? If yes, then these tips could be handy in achieving weight loss.

  1. Start strength training: It is type of exercise that requires to contract your muscles against resistance. Most common is the weight lifting to gain muscles. In combination with aerobic exercises, it can give better results. In one study visceral fat[the dangerous fat deposited around organs in the belly] was reduced in 78 people with metabolic disorder.
  2. Protein rich diet: Including a high protein rich diet can effectively reduce your appetite and can burn more fat. It can preserve muscle mass and metabolism during fat loss.
  3. More sleeping hours: According to one study on thousands of women, those who slept for 5 or less hours per night were likely to gain more weight than the ones who slept for 7 or more hours. So, try to complete 4 sleep cycles [each being 1.5 hrs] is the key to loose weight. Sticking to sleep schedule, limiting your caffeine and minimize use of digital device before sleep can be a good tactics to loose weight.
  4. Add Vinegar to diet: According to a study intake of 1-2 teaspoon of vinegar can result in loosing body weight and belly fat. Vinegar can boost fat burning process in addition to the heart health benefits. Another study showed that intake of vinegar reduced the daily calorie intake by 275 calories.
  5. Drink Healthier Beverages: sugar-sweetened beverages like juices and soda are rich in calories and have low nutritional values. Consumption of alcohol lowers inhibitions and leads to overeating. Low calorie drinks like water and green tea are good options as the latter have anti-oxidants which enhances fat burning process.
  6. High fiber intake: A diet rich in high fiber can protect against fat gain and fat accumulation. Soluble fiber absorbs water and moves slowly through digestive tract thus controls hunger. Fruits, vegetables, whole grain, nuts and seeds are example of high fiber food.
  7. Control refined carbs: A frequent reliance on fast food like chowmine, burger etc. can lead to fat gain. This kind of food is rich in refined carbs which high glycemic index which can cause increase in spikes of blood sugar levels which leads to increased hunger. Instead replace with whole grain like whole wheat, oat and barley.
  8. Increase your Cardio: Any aerobic exercise which trains heart and lungs. Running, walking, cycling and swimming are some of the cardio exercises which burn fat and can lead to weight loss.
  9. Drink Coffee: Caffeine found in coffee is a central nervous system stimulant which increase metabolism and boosts the breakdown of fatty acids. To maximize health benefits skip sugar and cream.

10. Increase your iron intake: Iron is vital mineral necessary for proper functioning of thyroid gland. A diet rich in green leafy vegetables, dried fruits, seafood and beans are good sources of iron. It increases metabolism  to maintain the energy levels to perform all daily activities.

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